Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Game jam: Gamify Your PhD with the Wellcome Trust

Opposable Games were delighted to be invited by the Wellcome Trust to partake in their Gamify Your PhD event earlier this week. Teams from various indie studios (Bristol being very well represented!) were paired with a PhD student/graduate with 24 hours to create a game based on their work.

Ben, James, David and I joined bodacious forces with scientist Jane Reid, who showed us a slideshow explaining the part of her research she wanted us to focus on. James said it best; "we understood the word 'yeast' and ran with it". So our game was the science behind RNA transcription in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in the context of a baguette.

Many coffees, bacons, cookies and laughs later, we had a solid little game to present. Each team had something mightily impressive to show and the collaboration between Clockwork Cuckoo and Force of Habit came out on top with a rather excellent intestinal-based-shooter, with Opposable coming in second place. Congrats guys!

I've been to Wellcome Trust HQ before when I was live-drawing a meeting of theirs, and the level of hospitality and organisation was equal in it's magnificence this time around, so many thanks to Tomas and everyone involved.

Monsieur Baguette presents… RNA transcription of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

James always stands when we discuss stuff so that he can physically swoop in with a witty remark
For more info, including the science, have a read of James' blog post on the matter. If you're not done looking at pictures, here's a gameplay video: